2020 CFA Mini Camps

Middle School Skills Camp for Grades 5-8

July 2020 at Parisi Speed School in Bristol, CT

Players will learn the basic and advanced fundamental skills required to play football at the middle school age level. All aspects of offensive football skills will be taught. 

  • Players will learn proper throwing mechanics and footwork attributed with being a quarterback, along with three and five step drop footwork, as well as shotgun footwork for throwing a football. 
  • Each player will be taught how to catch a football using correct form for high, low, and over the shoulder catches, bad passes, and sideline passes.
  • Participants will be instructed on the basic structure for running quick game passing routes such as the slant, hitch, speed out and fade. Receiver’s will be taught how to stem a defensive back to get themselves open. Being a receiver will require more than just catching the ball so time will also be spent teaching the correct form for stalk blocking on the perimeter while using no contact. All players will be taught the latest ways to protect the football by “Chinning It,” along with how to receive a hand off, and evasive footwork when carrying the ball. 
  • This is a non-contact camp that does not require equipment

HS Quarterback Camp

Late July from 11am-1pm at Parisi Speed School in Bristol, CT


  • Being the field general requires a level of off-season work second to none. 
  • This is a position that requires year round work. HS QB camp is to provide that edge to QB’s when they get to camp late this summer. 
  • Players will be taught the proper mechanics of throwing the ball, footwork for 3 and 5 step drops, as well as shotgun snaps. 
  • Players will learn the different levels to throw a ball and where to incorporate these levels in the passing game.
  • Quarterbacks will be instructed on the board how to recognize different coverages, the soft spot, and weakness in each coverage. 

HS Wide Receivers Camp

Late July at Parisi Speed School in Bristol, CT

  • Receivers will learn proper stance, balance, and body position.
  • Starts and takeoff will be taught along with ways to stem a defensive back and how to use hand fighting to get off of a pressed alignment.
  • Players will understand techniques to run successful routes vs differing coverages.
  • Players will be introduced to tons of drills for them to practice on their own.

HS Offensive Line Camp

LATE JULY 2020 at the Parisi Speed School in Bristol, CT

This is where the big boys come to learn! Not only will players be provided the tools, but they will know how to reach into their tool box and put them to use. 

Offensive lineman will be instructed in:

  • learning proper stance with weight distribution for both two, and three point stances.
  • the footwork and hand placements for the drive block, reach block, reach drive, skip pull, trap pull, down block, climb block in the run game
  • how to kick slide, power step, vertical set, and short set with proper form in the pass game the mental aspects of being a high school O lineman

Developing Speed for the HS Football Player

LATE JULY 2020 at Parisi Bristol

Football is a game that utilizes change in speed and direction. The objective of this camp is to teach players techniques to improve in these areas. Players will be taught techniques to increase 40 times, and shuttle times, along with agilities to help develop speed and flexibility.